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My name is Karen Würtz and I am the Danish designer behind the brands ‘KAlliZ by Karen’ and  ‘Designs by Karen’.

I grew up in a small Danish town, Bjerringbro, in the middle of Jutland. Bjerringbro is a peaceful town surrounded by lots of nature and with the longest stream of Denmark, Gudenåen, flowing through the middle of the city.


I hold a M.A. as a designer from Aarhus School of Architecture. I furthermore am educated within organisational and leadership development from the Adizes Institute in the US. Besides creating my own designs, I work as a concept and business developer helping companies develop stronger products and services.


Among others, I gather my inspiration from nature, from my surroundings and from playing around with colors and materials.

I am a perfectionist with my designs. I do not compromise and my designs have all been developed and optimised over a period of time.

I often get ideas when I look towards the sea, walk in the nature or late in the evenings when everything around me is silent and calm and I just let my thoughts flow.

The name “KAlliZ”

I soon found out that my drawings of animals were something special. Therefore it has now got its own brand. In Danish the word “dyr” has two meanings; animal and costly. When you translate “dyr” into Finnish you among others get the word “kallis”. It means costly, expensive and precious. So actually because the word “animal” in Danish has two meanings it was translated “wrongly” into Finnish, the word kallis came up. To me this version of the word though has a much deeper meaning. It substantiates the thoughts behind my design and why I started drawing on stones.

Because of my name I have transformed the word “kallis” into “KAlliZ” which is supported by my name KAren würtZ

Karen Würtz