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KAlliZ by Karen

The design “KAlliZ by Karen” has been developed by drawing on stones. Every stone is handdrawn and unique and the design is customised to every stone. The diverse of the stones; shape, color and structure gives every stone its own identity.

The animals from KAlliZ by Karen” is now available as small sculptures. Every sculpture is unique. The material of the animals have been rusted to get its own unique expression. Furthermore they are each one of them placed on a stone that suits the animal. You can see pictures of them by going to gallery.

A range of the animals are also drawn on tiles and glasswares; e.g. candleholderes, wases, bottles & glasses, dishes and cups. You can see a selection of them in the gallery. Be aware it is a limited edition of the designs so if you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The design “KAlliZ by Karen” also comes as unique handdrawn drawings. No pictures are identical. They are all drawn from scratch.

The stones and drawings are designed in different sizes.

“KAlliZ by Karen” has also been printed on postcards.

Get your own unique design on a stone, flowerpot or…

If you e.g. have a stone of a special meaning to you and would like it decorated with the design “KAlliZ by Karen” you are very welcome to contact Karen Würtz for an offer. It can e.g. be a large stone outside your home or an official building or museum that you would like to get painted – maybe with the title of the building or the house number as a part of the drawing.

You can see an example of a flowerpot here


My designs are used for styling homes for sale and I also myself solve styling tasks, e.g. for companies.

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