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Designs by Karen

Beside the design “KAlliZ by Karen”, Karen Würtz are continuosly also creating other designs. Characteristic for all designs by Karen is that they are made of materials that goes very well along with the stones. Concrete is among the preferred materials.

You can follow the design on this website and on the Instagram profile KAlliZ_DK. In the gallery you can also see the posts from Instagram.

Concrete bowls

I have developed a concrete bowl of concrete. It took me about six months of testing to develop a strong bowl that also had the rough structure, I like. The bowl comes in seveal sizes and also as candleholders. The original bowl is in copper but it is also a red version. If you have the interest of other colors, don’t hesitate to contact me.


I have designed a range of designs on glasswares; e.g. candleholderes, wases, bottles & glasses, dishes and cups. You can find pictures of my glasswares in my gallery. Many of the designs is in limited edition.


In cooperation with the DIY retailer, STARK Frederiksberg, I have white tiles for sale. The tiles are of good quality and one of the preferred brands from professionals for kitchens, bathrooms etc. Let me know if you have the interest of getting your own unique tiles.


The elves were designed for Christmas 2015. They are designed to go along with the stones from KAlliZ by Karen.  They are all handmade and therefore have an individual look. They were a huge success for Christmas gifts and decoration.

Patterned stones

These stones are also all handdrawn. The patterns come from the shape of the stone and the inspiration of Karen Würtz. They are all unique and they are usually sold out very quickly. If you have any preferences you are very welcome to send a request.


Many people can relate to a footprint of a cat or a dog. These footprints are really popular and you have to be fast if you want either a stone or another unique piece with these prints. You are though very welcome to order directly if you have special requests.


I have made a selection of designs with dandelions; cups, bottles, wases and others. You can find them in my gallery.

Patterned stones

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